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FAQ When will the exam be on the 2023 NEC

  • When does the exam change to the 2023 NEC codebook?

    According to the Massachusetts Board of Electricians, the exam will not change until 7 months after the code book is adopted. Since the 2023 was adopted late, the exam will not change until September of 2023. This means you should still be studying the 2020 NEC and using the 2020 NEC for the exam until late September 2023!

You will have access to the 2020 online course from 180 days (6 months) up to 550 days (1.5 years) before losing access depending on your studying requirements. Choose the option that best suits your needs!

This course is designed to prepare you for your state Journeyman Electrician exam. You will be able to go through multiple exams in random order to prepare for the exam. You can practice questions on any device including your phone which allows you to practice anywhere your phone is!